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Blackburn Family Promise

1) We respect you budget

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Sadly, some funeral homes follow a flexible approach to funeral pricing. They will quote a slightly inflated price and then commence a round of negotiations. This may be appropriate when buying a used car but is completely inappropriate when making funeral arrangements.

At Blackburn & Sons, our unique consultative arrangement process begins with you describing the life your loved one lived and the type of service you have in mind. Next, we will explore a wide variety of options that will help reduce the total price while still honoring your wishes.

Throughout the process, we always strive to recommend what is best for your family not what is best for our business.  This used to be how all funeral homes worked but unfortunately, in today’s competitive market, some have strayed from our traditional role as stewards for your family during a very difficult time.

2) We promise…that you will have 24-hour access to our team, 7 days a week

A study of families served by us over the past years shows that 65% of loved ones pass away at night or on weekends. That’s why it’s so important for you to have 24-hour access to our team, 7 days a week.

Regardless of when you call our office, your call will be personally answered by one of the Blackburn & Sons team. We do not use an answering service because we believe it is important to not entrust this first contact to a person in a call center.

If your loved one has passed, a member of our team will be immediately dispatched to bring them into our care. For local families, our goal is to have your loved one in our care within one hour of your call. 

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3) We have your loved one looking their best for the visitation

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Many people request a public visitation and viewing of their loved one’s remains. Unfortunately, this can become a difficult experience if the deceased has not been properly prepared.

The quality of the preparation of the deceased is a direct reflection of the skills of the embalmer. A highly skilled embalmer will restore the person to their natural state. A low skilled embalmer will rely upon excess makeup to cover up their mistakes and lack of experience.

All embalming at Blackburn & Sons is personally performed by Mitch Blackburn. Since graduating Mortuary school in 1991, he has taken over 1,000 hours of additional training to keep abreast of current innovations in the field of body restoration. Mitch has prepared over 4,000 deceased for public viewings and has developed his own proprietary techniques that he is now passing on to his sons. 

We understand the importance of having your loved one look their best. Preparing them is not a responsibility we take lightly.

4) We promise…to focus on the comfort of your guests

A visitation and funeral service often involves far more than just the immediate and extended family. It is quite common for friends, neighbors, coworkers and acquaintances to attend. In some instances the entire community comes together to show their support when someone passes away.

At Blackburn & Sons, our care for your family does not end with your family. Instead our care encompasses your guests as well. Whether there are 10 or 1,000 guests attending, we do everything possible to ensure the comfort everyone.

We recently remodeled our funeral home and the comfort of your guests as a major consideration. For example, rather than having guests wait in line in a hallway, like at some funeral homes, we have a large open area that allows guests to mingle while waiting to enter the visitation room. We also have a 100% handicapped accessible facility so that there are no barriers for your guests.

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5) We promise…your service can be as traditional or innovative as you like

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Many families find significant comfort in a traditional funeral service complete with a public visitation, church or chapel funeral service, procession to the cemetery and a graveside ceremony. Blackburn & Sons has always, and will always, be ready to care for families wanting a traditional service.

We also pride ourselves as being the most flexible, creative and innovative funeral home in the Vernal area. The following are a few examples of innovative things we have done with families.

  • For a local cowboy, we held a casket branding cookout and invited his friends and neighbors to brand his casket as a lasting tribute.
  • For motor cycle enthusiasts, we often call upon the local Harley honor guard to lead the procession.
  • Our horse drawn carriage is unique in our area and provides a special touch for our families.

We encourage all families to bring memorabilia, pictures and videos to their service in order to help tell the story of a lifetime.

6) We promise…that your service will be a flawlessly conducted event

One of the things people remember most about a funeral service is how seamlessly the event flows. Did the speakers all know their assigned order or were there confused times when no one know what to do next? Was the clergy prepared? Was there someone with the family, guiding them each step of the way?

The key to having a flawless funeral service is the organizational techniques used by the funeral home staff. Prior to starting Blackburn & Sons, Mitch Blackburn worked for 13 different funeral homes and had the opportunity to combine the best techniques from each of them into his own funeral service master plan.

In 1990 we purchased the Frank Thomson Vernal Mortuary and opened Blackburn & Sons. Since then, Mitch has continued to fine tune his master plan. Now after conducting over 3,000 funeral services, the master plan ensures that every funeral is a flawless, 5-star, service.

When it comes to conducting a flawless funeral service…. experience makes a difference.

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7) We promise…you will value the experience

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The cost of a funeral service is often important. But the real priority is the value you receive for the money you spend. Whether you spend $1,200 or $12,000, if the experience does not meet the emotional, spiritual and practical needs of your've spent too much.

At Blackburn & Sons, we pride ourselves on delivering more value than any other funeral provider in the Vernal area.

Value comes from...

  • our expert guidance as you navigate a difficult time
  • our ability to create a unique and beautiful funeral experience your family and friends will cherish
  • our willingness to handle all the details so you can relax and experience the love and support of family and friends
  • our talented team members who always treat everyone with compassion and care
  • our selection of only the highest quality products at all price ranges.

We are so confident that you will value the experience…we guarantee it. Should there ever be a portion of our services that does not meet your expectations simply notify us right away and we will do whatever it takes to correct the shortfall.  If we are unable to do so, we will refund that portion of our service fee.

"Some people ask me how I can do this type of work every day. The answer is that it’s more of a calling than a business. I do it to care for families when they need it most…at the time of the loss of a loved one. It’s an honor to help families conduct a beautiful memorial event that honors the story of a lifetime."

Mitch Blackburn, Blackburn & Sons Vernal Mortuary and Cremation Care

At Blackburn & Sons Vernal Mortuary and Cremation Care, we help families who are faced with the loss of a loved one. Whether choosing a traditional funeral or a creative ceremony, we will work hand-in-hand with you to plan and conduct a personalized memorial event that reflects your values and honors the story of a lifetime.

All services are backed by our Blackburn Family Promise™

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