Lynna May Freeman Wolf

May 31, 1956 — December 6, 2017

Lynna May Freeman Wolf

Lynna Freeman came into this world on May 31st, 1956. From what I understand, had she waited one more day her name would have been Junell Freeman. Either way, it wouldn't have made a difference to me. Her early days were that of a Tomboy. During the winter enjoyed skating on the ice just north of her home on 5th East and 2nd North. The warmer days would find her walking the entire distance of Vernal in the 60's, not spanning what it is today. She enjoyed fishing with her Dad, Clell. He would often tell her that if she wasn't quiet the dragon flies would come and sew her lips together. I believe that it didn't take too long for her to see thru that one. I'm not sure what she thought of her early days in school, but she often told me of the days that she and her best friend, and eventually to be her brother's wife, Sharron would skip school - very often. I believe that their record of at least a partial day of not attending school was in the neighborhood of 51. Something that could be done back in then but would probably land the whole family in jail today. She did manage to graduate and moved to California for a short while, which was quite worrisome to Mom and Dad. She would call weekly, but sometimes they were long weeks between calls. She was married and gave birth to Donald Shawn in 1978. Not long after she moved back home - never to go too far away for very long. I met her in 1981. She was working at the Circle K store here in Vernal. I was very new to town, having just moved here from Washington State. I didn't notice it at the time, but Lynna told me a few years later that when she saw me walk in the store she froze up - completely. It seems that she had dreamed of a young man in a green Oldsmobile 98 and had met some of his friends - not in Vernal. Although I was driving a 72 Chevy pickup when I arrived in Vernal it was eerie hearing the exact details she told me. I guess you could say that I was the man of her dreams! We started dating, for 2 years, before I did the traditional thing - asked her dad if I could marry Lynna. His response? "I guess it's about time". A few days later I, again, did a traditional thing. I got down on a knee and asked her to marry me. It didn't take very long for a reply. "Yes, I will". We set the date as August 4th, 1984. Her reasoning was that I should have no problem remembering 8/4/84. She was very specific about that. I never forgot. After getting married we bought our first home together. I would tell her I want this and this and this, but we can't afford anything. "Be patient. It will all come" was her reply. Looking back now, she was right. We've made a very nice home for ourselves, and we had started a nice family too, Shawn and Micah Lynne. When I told her of a motorcycle that I wanted she initially told me No. You'll just go out and kill yourself. So we ended up, after much convincing, getting our first motorcycle. It was a big old cruiser with hard saddle bags & a trunk. Very comfortable, I must say. As we were on our way to SLC one day I noticed the bike wouldn't turn very well going into the top of Daniels canyon. The second turn was the same. I noticed something in the middle of my back so I looked in the mirror only to see the top of Lynna's helmet. She had fallen asleep and had her chin resting in my back. I let her sleep until we came into Heber. So much for her theory of the motorcycle being unsafe. It was good enough to take a nap on. She told someone one time that the difference between a car and a motorcycle was that you ride thru it in a car but you ride in it on a bike. We loved touring together. We upgraded the bike and got a trailer that made it much easier to carry her trinkets from the road, and she could fill it up if given a chance. Camping on the mountain and touring could have filled all of our days - but life got in the way, so we were very limited. For years, in all of our different homes, Lynna loved growing things. She was very talented at the art of life. Early in our current house she and the little old lady next door almost seemed to have a competition going on. I may be partial, but I would say that Lynna did a bit better job. In recent years she seemed to lose interest, but she had started to be physically incapable of gardening. She replaced her time in the yard with time spent more with friends and family. She was always quite the entertainer. She told me that her home was always a sanctuary for anybody in need. Our door was never locked - day or night, home or away. Anybody that was in need was always welcomed. This wasn't anything new. It seems as though when she was a little girl she had a tendency to bring home all kinds of "stray" animals. She never had the heart to see anything that looked lonely or alone. That was Lynna, and everybody knew it. Being the kind, giving person that she was it was inevitable that some took advantage of her. Some she dealt with immediately, others she let go a lot longer. She knew what they were doing, but allowed it nonetheless. That was Lynna. Lynna's health has taken a turn for the worse over the past year or so. She was forever optimistic, she never gave up hope for getting back home. Five months were spent at the University of Utah. She made new friends that quickly turned into new family members. The fifth floor SSTU became her new home, ultimately her last home. She had been Life Flighted to the U last July 10th. She miraculously received a liver and kidney transplant on July 16th and healed well enough and quickly enough to be released to our apartment on August 2nd. We were at dinner, our 33rd wedding anniversary, on August 4th when we received a call from the U saying that she needed to return as quickly as she could. Her labs showed something quite out of the ordinary. We did return the night of our anniversary, and it was there that she would stay until she left us on December 6th. Throughout the entire ordeal Micah and I kept an update on Face Book for all of our friends and family. Many of you lived thru the day to day experience with us. The ups and downs, the boring days and the not so boring days. You got to see Lynna thru the many photos that were shared. You got to see her go thru the physical and mental changes with us. Many of you have laughed and cried right along with us. Some of you had made the trip to see her. We have been kept in daily prayers for months, and don't think for a minute that all of those prayers weren't heard. For all of that we are eternally grateful. For everything that Lynna did throughout her life - for all the loving prayers that were said on her behalf while she was sick - for all of the wishes that we could keep her here with us for just a while longer, God has seen fit for her to return home to him. Both her Mom & Dad and my Mom & Dad, all of our loving pets and all of our relatives are very happy to receive one more of their own back home to them. Lynna - I and we all will miss you so very much. Please wait for me. Funeral services will be held Monday at 11 a.m. at the Vernal Blackburn Mortuary with a viewing Sunday evening from 6-8 and 1 hour prior to services.

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